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General Information & Policies

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Private and semi-private lessons: piano (classical and jazz), guitar (acoustic and electric), drums & percussion, voice (opera, musicals and pop), violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, digital composition & recording, and theory/composition.                                                                                                           

Group lessons: Kindermusik (0-4), beginner's keyboard (5-6), music discovery (5-11), strings orchestra (6-18), Broadway/musical theater (6-13), and solfege/theory (5-6 and 7 & above).


Recitals will be held a minimum of two times per year at the end of each semester. All instrumentalists and vocalists will require an accompanist, unless otherwise noted by the teacher. Rehearsals and accompaniment fees will vary, depending on the student level and selection.


MCM is open all-year-round except for a few legal holidays. Teacher’s Planning Days are NOT observed, as well as Martin Luther's King Holiday. Please check our General Calendar for all the specific dates.

There will be no charge for lessons that fall on the holidays mentioned below and the days (to be confirmed)  MCM may close during the winter, spring or summer. The following holidays observed are:

• Labor Day (First Monday of September)

• Veterans' Day (November 11)

• Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November through Sunday)

• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24 & 25). 

• New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (December 31 & January 01).

• Date TBC for the Christmas break.  

• All Presidents' Day (February 16)

• Spring Break (March 23 - 28) 

• Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)

• Independence Day (July 4th) *Closed this year of 2014 from July 03-13

If you observe holidays not listed above, be sure to cancel or make arrangements as far in advance as possible.


- One prepared binder is given containing assignment sheets and staff paper among other information
  is given for free to each students. However, replacement binder will be charged at $5.00 each.

- MCM does not sell any books or materials. We can gladly provide you a list of vendors in the area
  as well as online stores.


- Please set up an apointment with a teacher of the desired instrument.

- The duration of the interview/first lesson will be 15 to 20 minutes.

- The fee is $10 or free if the student registers at MCM.


- Please fill out the MCM application. 

- There is a non-refundable annual registration fee of $30 per student.

- A minimum of one lesson is required to be paid in full (or other selected amount).                                                

- MCM reserves the right to cancel any group class due to insufficient enrollment. A refund will be issued.

- Photographs and video taken of students at MCM may be used for publication and marketing,
  unless denied on the policy form to be signed and submitted during the student's registration.           

- MCM has an open admission policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin,
  or sex in all of its programs and employment.


- Payment arrangements are by the month or by session (for group classes).

- Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card (online or at MCM).

- There is no contract, no refund. 

- A returned check is charged $15.

- Tuition is pre-paid and calculated on a monthly basis (except for sessions).

- Payments are due the last week of the month on the day of the lessons for the upcoming month.

- Payments received after the 7th of the month will be considered late and will incur a
  $30 late payment fee.  

- There are no credits from month to month.

- Lessons cancelled the same day will be forfeited, charge in full and will not be rescheduled.  

- Group sessions are paid in full before the first class. There is no refund.   

- Outstanding accounts will be transferred to a Credit Bureau.


- Request to reschedule a lesson must be made 24 hours in advance or the lesson is forfeited.

- A substitute may be provided when a teacher is absent.

- Students who are late for a lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time.
  Faculty will wait ten minutes for a student.

- Faculty tardiness will be made up at a mutually convenient time.

- Students with outstanding balances older than 2 weeks will be dropped from the schedule.


- 24 hour notice is required to cancel a class and request a make up class. 

- Missed make up lessons will be forfeited.

- There are no refunds or make ups for missed group or semi-private classes.

- If the teacher has to cancel the lesson, we will do our best to first provide you with a substitute teacher
  from MCM or to reschedule the class. If this is not possible, the lesson will be credited.

- If you observe holidays that are not listed above, be sure to cancel or make arrangements
  as early as possible.

- Students with outstanding balances older than 2 weeks will be dropped from the schedule.


- Two weeks in advance written notice is required to drop a class, but no refund will be given for
  discontinuation of lessons during a month that has already been paid for.

- Outstanding credits will remain in the account up to one year from lessons' termination.

- Three repeated unexcused absences will result in the removal of the student from the schedule and
  lessons not attended being charged. The student will have to reschedule and re-enroll into the program.
  In this case, same time and day cannot be guaranteed.


- 5% discount applies for multiple enrollments (family of 2 or more) for monthly payments.

- Receive a $25.00 discount when you refer a family
(applied after the enrolled student or family paid for the second consecutive month).





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